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Thrive at Cardano's Project Catalyst

A hub where Proposers, Voters, and Advisors meet up to acquire the skills to thrive at Project Catalyst

  • Live sessions and workshops

  • 1-to-1 and group support

  • Quizzes and NFT certifications

The Catalyst School Student Proposer

What's it about?

The Catalyst School is a place created to enhance the impact of Catalyst as a whole by improving the contribution of all its different players and roles. We onboard new members and help improving their skills along the way, in any way they decide to engage with Catalyst: as a Proposer, a Community Advisor, a Veteran Community Advisor or without any specific role within the process. In order for Catalyst to flourish and reach its full potential, all these roles need to give their best contribution within the process.

For Proposers

Get votes.
Get funded.

Have an idea to improve the Cardano ecosystem? Nice! Join us and learn how to turn it into reality.

  • Learn to craft compelling and concise proposals

  • Gain the skills to market your project and gain votes

The Catalyst School Proposer
The Catalyst School Community Advisor CA

For Community advisors

Become a community advisor Jedi

As a community advisor, you are key to the success of Catalyst, the world’s largest distributed innovation fund. Join us to learn how to become a great CA!

  • Improve your assessment skills

  • Get rewarded by helping proposers thrive

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We aim to accelerate the adoption of Cardano's Project Catalyst and to ensure that it thrives and reaches its full potential, faster. But we need your help to achieve it. Vote us on Fund6!

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